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Artist Statement


Like a diamond I have many facets to the way I approach the designing of my work, with the traditional and contemporary drawing me in two directions. One side of my work is inspired by organic matter like seeds, pods, leafs natures garden a wealth of colour and texture. My other approach is a playful side, creating fun pieces thinking outside the boundaries of the practical wear ability and functionality, I like to think of them as mini art forms.

I work is predominantly with silver and mix media, occasionally gold, forging embossing, reticulation the metal gives me the contrasting finish to the surface texture which I use to enhance the beauty and individuality of my work.



Modern , Fun ,

My Story



I Started making Jewellery by attending a local Adult eduction evening course. I loved it so much I did a 4 year city & guilds qualification part time. From that point onwards I have not looked back ...Started teaching in adult eduction enjoying passing my knowlege and enthusiasum on . My work evolves all the time as I am a very hands on Designer and find my mistakes an inspreation to move forward.




Our Vision







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